Welcome to MyPride

The District 5M-6 Lions Leadership is thrilled to announce the opening this digital campus commons and definitive information source for ALL District 5M-6 Lions, Lioness, and Leos seeking:

  • Lions Continuing Education Programs,
  • Lion Training Opportunities,
  • Assistance and Lion-2-Lion (L2L) Insights from other District 5M-6 Lions,
  • an Inexhaustible Reference Library, and
  • Much More!

“Where There’s a Need, There’s a 5M-6 Lion!”

This is the best news for District 5M-6 Lions. Not just in the way Lions serve their communities, but also how Lions assist and serve other Lions. We are a diverse PRIDE of experiences, aptitudes, and insights; proving to the world to be the means in which EXTRAordinary accomplishments in our communities are not just possibilities…

They Are Realities!

You're in the Company of 5M-6 Lions!

After-all, the success of our legacy of how “We Serve” as well as our continuing efforts for the next century to come are a cumulation of our “‘AH HA!’ Moments” in life; dependent on our intentions, our goals, and finally … the SELFLESS ACTIONS of each and every District 5M-6 Lion, Lioness, and Leo as we unite to work, play, and Celebrate Service together. Hand-in-hand.

There is no
better time 
to be
a District 5M-6 Lion!